Signal Chain:

1. Jackson Audio Prism Preamp Pedal (Guitar In) - I use this pedal as a buffer for my guitar signal.  Also I will use the EQ to adjust if I play a different guitar during a set.  Most of the time I can just use the tone knob, but if the two guitars have really different sounds I will use the EQ to compensate.  I also use the volume knob a lot to keep the volume going into my drive section consistent from one guitar to another.

2. BOSS ES-8 Switching System - I bought this pedal after watching Jeffery Kunde's video about his new pedal board.  I really like the fact that the DPC-8EZ is very flexible.  It can send and receive MIDI program change commands, the volume loop is movable and it has a preset mode built in.  In the future I plan on using the DPC to control my Timeline and BigSky (My next pedal purchase).

3. Walrus Audio Deep Six Exotic Compressor (Loop 1) - I like this compressor because it has a blend knob.  I leave the blend knob at 9-11 o' clock and the volume at 1 o' clock.  It is on almost all of my sounds.

4. EHX Micro POG (Loop 2) - I use the POG mostly for ambient with the occasional lead line.  I was using it for everything and I had to stop.  Now I try to use it sparingly.  

5. Walrus Audio Messner (Loop 3) - 

6. JHS Morning Glory v4 (Loop 4) - 

7. JHS SuperBolt (Loop 5) - This is my most recent pedal purchase.  After reading a bunch of reviews and watching the demo videos on youtube I knew this was going to be one of my favorite drive pedals.  It replaced a EHX Soul Food.  I use it for a medium overdrive and its on for 85% of the time.  Its my first JHS Pedal but not my last.

8. Lovepedal Amp 11 (Loop 6) - 

9. Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl  (Loop 7) - 

10. Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall Delay (Loop 8) - I use the Carbon Copy for swells and other ambient stuff.  Great analog delay pedal, not much else to say.

11. Boss FV-30L Volume Pedal - Its a volume pedal.  I needed something with a smaller footprint then a Ernie Ball VP Jr.  At some point I may send it to JHS to have them mod it but I haven't had a problem with it sucking to much tone.

12. TC Electronics Polytune - Packing 109 ultra-bright LEDs, the TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini guitar tuner is easy to read under any stage conditions. Even in bright sunshine during outdoor gigs, you'll never be on your knees next to your pedalboard trying to read your tuner. You also get the incredibly precise chromatic strobe tuner mode from TC's PolyTune 2 pedal for spot-on +/- 0.1-cent tuning accuracy. Guitarists at Sweetwater have always been impressed with the one-strum approach of the PolyTune series. Experience it yourself with the brightest and smallest one yet — the TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini!

13. Strymon Timeline - Hands down the best delay pedal ever made.  I tried three different delay pedals before buying the Timeline.  

14. Strymon Bigsky - Hands down the best delay pedal ever made.  I tried three different delay pedals before buying the Timeline.  

15. Custom Expression Pedal - 

I think one of the most overlooked components with all musical equipment is clean power.  This is especially important for guitar players.  I was able to greatly reduce the amount of noise in my rig, all by adding twin Voodo Labs Pedal Power Plus 2's.  Along with clean power high quality cables make a big difference in your guitar tone.